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AVB – If you’re a frequent vaporizer of your cannabis, you might be unknowingly robbing yourself of unused cannabinoids by throwing away your vaped bud. 

Already vaped bud -or AVB for short – is the crisp brown bud leftover after a successful vaping session that sometimes still carries a potent load of cannabinoids.

While vaping usually does do a great job of extracting the cannabinoids from bud, it doesn’t always draw all of it out. Luckily for you, that means more weed and less money spent. 

If you’re interested in learning how to expand your supply of bud and save some money in the process then keep on reading. 

So What Exactly is AVB?


To keep it simple, already vaped bud is exactly what its name suggests; Bud that has already been vaped. 

The appearance AVB takes on is a crisp and almost brittle, brownish cluster with a yellow tint, sometimes with a bit of faded green. Of course, the exact nuances of its appearance are determined by several other things like the vaporization temperature, the initial quality of the bud, to even how much of the bud you’ve smoked, but you can rest assured that they all have a similar look.

However, don’t let their appearance fool you, these tough nugs usually have a few kicks left in them as the heat from the vaporizer usually doesn’t penetrate all the bud. 

The best part is, you’ve got a handful of options on how to use them as well. Obviously, AVB won’t be up to par with the strength of your fresh bud, but that doesn’t keep it from doing its job. 

You might just have to save up a bit more AVB to incorporate it into your recipes. Keep in mind though, even if you’ve excessively vaped your bud, chances are that there are still some cannabinoids worth extracting so don’t toss it all away just yet.

Whether or not it’s a CBD or THC or indica vs sativa, chances are there’s still a lot to be had in these crispy little nugs. 

Stockpile as Much as You Can

Similar to working our jobs or grinding that 9 to 5, we love to collect those bags. The same practice should be applied to saving your AVB. 

Just because you’ve recently vaped it, doesn’t mean you have to use it right away. Like we mentioned before, AVB doesn’t quite carry the same level of potency as fresh bud so you’ll need a bit more of it to get you feeling the same way. The good news is, as long as you store it in an airtight container away from any light and heat, you’ll be in the clear.

When it comes to how much you should save, what you plan on doing with your AVB is what’s going to dictate that. 

We recommend saving a fairly decent amount up first, maybe around half an ounce or so, just so you have options when actually do want to put it to use. You’ll have to be patient though, because this whole process may take weeks or even months depending on how frequently you vape.

That said, proper storage conditions are going to be pretty damn important! If your AVB is going to be sitting in a jar for a good two to three months, you’ll want to make sure those conditions are met, otherwise you may as well have just thrown it out.

The Properties of AVB

decarboxylation guide

Already vaped bud is definitely not a winner in the looks department, but it still does have some redeeming qualities. Unlike the fresh raw cannabis you put into your vape,  AVB should already be fully activated by decarboxylation

All that means is that the cannabinoids in the bud have already been activated by heat. That said, AVB should be far easier to incorporate into any cannabis recipe. If you wanted to, you could even eat the bud straight on its own.

We will warn you though, the AVB might taste a bit well done.

How to Put Your AVB to Use

So, this is the main attraction. The main reason you came here. And here it is. Keep in mind that all of these methods account for the fact that AVB has already undergone the decarboxylation process, so avoid using any excess heat when cooking anything with AVB inside as it most likely will damage the cannabinoid content.

Getting Crafty in the Kitchen

cooking with already vaped bud

One of the easiest and most effective ways to put AVB to use. Since AVB has already been decarboxylated, you can literally just added to your food. Sprinkle it on your mashed potatoes, put it in your soup, whatever. 

Just keep in mind that AVB isn’t so much an umami tasting morsel but rather a garbagé tasting one. So please, for both your satisfaction and mine, account for this and make sure your food is either extra spicy or extra flavorful.

If you plan on adding AVB to your food, it’s advised to add it in after the food has been cooked or baked with high heat.

already vaped bud cbd

To maximize the effects of your cannabis, whether it be AVB or not, you’ll want to combine it with high-fat foods such as peanut butter as cannabinoids are known to be fat-soluble. What that means is that your weed will have a greater effect, the more high-quality fats it is consumed with.

Combining With Coconut Oil

avb food

Building on the fact that cannabinoids are highly fat-soluble, another great way to put your already vaped bud to use is by incorporating it into some coconut oil. 

Simply combine some AVB and coconut oil in a slower cooker and let it cook on low heat for a few hours. 

Once it’s finished cooking, strain all the plant material out of the mixture, and you’ve got yourself some AVB infused coconut oil. 

Keep in mind that AVB is already decarboxylated, so low heat is the highest setting you should cook at. Similar to the original storage methods of already vaped bud, keep it in a cool, dry place away from light. You can also use this recipe for butter or other oil.

cbd oil canada

CBD oil Canada isn’t as readily available as patients and users alike might have hoped for. If you’re ever in a pinch – try to buy weed online at an online dispensary Canada and peruse their selection. You won’t be disappointed! 

The Lazy Way Out

AVB joint

We’ve saved the best for last. Well, not really… As you may have guessed, yes, you can actually smoke your AVB. 

If you just can’t find the motivation to muster your lazy arse into making something beautiful with this crispy residue, then fine, you may inhale all of its glory without shame.

That said, it’s usually not that great of a way to get the cannabinoids out of your AVB, but it sure does makes up for it as far as convenience goes. 

If you’ve got a case of the dankrupt and really need to your fix, that’s understandable, but you should probably know that AVB is likely to only produce mild effects rather than the relief you get from fresh CBD bud.

What now?

Already vaped bud may look like it’s done, but what’s inside is far from being finished. From Indica and Sativa strains to CBD and everything in between, AVB has a lot to offer. Decarboxylated at a lower temperature, it still has enough cannabinoids within to get you feeling the effects.

Now that you’ve got some valuable knowledge in your arsenal, we trust you’ll put it all to good use and make us proud. Happy smoking!

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