The Cannatonic Strain: A Chronic Story


There are many strains with legendary names, but maybe none so accurate as Cannatonic. Perhaps this is because of how forgiving the effects of this strain are. It’s safe to say that Cannatonic is one of the best for beginners or anyone who doesn’t want an intense high sensation from their session.

If you’re new to cannabis and dipping your toe in, or you want to learn about a strain that provides calming, blissful relaxation, read on to find out all its benefits and why it has a legendary status in the cannabis world.

a cannatonic strain review

She Looks, She Tastes, She Smells Like…

Cannatonic’s origins began in 2008, when the US was crashing and burning in economic crisis and Hollywood was still cashing in with almost 80 blockbusters being released that year. This strain was unveiled at Spannabis, the infamous cannabis expo and awards show in, you guessed it, Spain.

Cannatonic typically grows quite tall with thin, spikey fan leaves that shoot out of large, fat colas bursting with plump and vibrant buds so dense and peppered with little red hairs or, pistils.  

When it comes to the taste of this strain, catatonic is breathtakingly refreshing. You could almost add this to your toothpaste if you were so inclined to infuse your dental hygiene routine. Her scent profiles are like walking through a wood of Christmas trees in early spring…with lemons hanging off of them.

While this strain will melt you into the couch, it won’t completely knock you down. Instead, she slowly, gently rocks you to relaxation. Cannatonic is also great for easing any chronic pain, migraines, stress or tension.

Spanish Roots

When the industry first took a hit of Cannatonic at Spannabis 2008, the reviews were of overwhelming smoothness and beautiful flavour. Later that year Cannatonic won the Sativa category at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Resin Seeds, the breeder of Cannatonic,took great care in not only creating the genetics, but also the cultivation of the plant and it clearly paid off because the lab results that came back at Spannabis 2008 had higher levels of CBD than anyone had ever seen. Queen Mother and New York City Diesel were the parent seeds which Resin Seeds bred for a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, completely opposite of what everyone in the Cannabis industry were striving for at the time.

This was the start of something special. This was a beginning for CBD as a sought-after medicine, a compound that had been generally ignored due to the lack of “high”.

This also sparked more interest in CBD dominant strains for recreational users as the small amounts of THC in Cannatonic do still provide a slight yet pleasant buzz.

the cannatonic strain review

The Science Behind This Sativa

Yes, it’s true. Cannatonic is categorized as a Sativa-dominant hybrid.  The biggest giveaway is how she looks with her Sunflower-like height and thin profile, she also has spiky razor sharp leaves true to a sativa where an indica is a short, shrubby looking plant with fat fan leaves. Indicas also tend to be more purple or dark greens in colour where Cannatonic is as vibrant green as a Praying Mantis, a true sativa in profile.

Because of the high CBD levels, usually around 10% and a low THC level of 5% Cannatonic provides medical patients with strong pain relief without a heavy head high. You may still feel a slight buzz that will help relax tension in the forehead and temples, while the combination of CBD sends waves of relaxation down your shoulders until your entire body feels like it’s filled with soothing, weightless clouds.

Cannatonic is particularly notable for its relief of migraines. If you suffer these, you definitely want to add this strain to your cannabis cabinet.

Get All The Feels With Cannatonic


Gentle is the theme here. Soothing tranquility and peacefulness like a warm yoga class, which would be a great time to incorporate Cannatonic into your wellness routine. Because CBD is so good for anxiety and stress your “me time” routine, whatever it is cannot go without this strain.

Despite its tranquil properties, eventually this strain is going to make you bubble with happiness. Euphoria is one of the most common effects of Cannatonic which is why it also helps with depression and anxiety.

As with any strain or supplement, there are or could always be side effects. Luckily, they are your pretty standard everyday nuisances such as dry mouth and dry eyes with very few reports of dizziness, headaches or anxiety. At the end of the day all of our genetics are different and handle everything you throw at them uniquely so always take things slow with every new strain you try.

Cannatonic and CBD Strains

There are many CBD strains out there, especially because the pediatric cannabis industry has grown so much in the last decade. Phoenix Tears and Charlotte’s Web are some of the most notable because they are safe for children and pets with less than 1% THC.

Cannatonic definitely isn’t for the kids, or for your dog. Even so, it’s made a name for itself as a high CBD sativa and if you haven’t tried it, we highly recommend you add to your cart next time you’re shopping for your next stock-up or simply check out the ShopCBD store.

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