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Interested in learning about the different ways of how CBD can be consumed? This category is all about an analysis of CBD’s consumption methods, such as vaporizing, smoking, ingesting and etcetera.

AVB – Get The Most Out of Your Already Vaped Bud

avb guide

AVB – If you’re a frequent vaporizer of your cannabis, you might be unknowingly robbing yourself of unused cannabinoids by throwing away your vaped bud.  Already vaped bud -or AVB for short – is the crisp brown bud leftover after a successful vaping session that sometimes still carries a potent load of cannabinoids. While vaping […]

Cannabis Oil – Everything You Need To Know

Cannabis oil – the widespread of cannabis consumption for medicinal purposes has paved the way for a market of cannabinoid-infused products and cannabis extracts.  With no shortage of options when it comes to cannabis, consumers have the luxury of testing and trying out a variety of products, each with their own unique effects.  Cannabis oils […]