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Interested in learning about the different ways of how CBD can be consumed? This category is all about an analysis of CBD’s consumption methods, such as vaporizing, smoking, ingesting and etcetera.

What Is CBD Distillate And How Does It Differ From Isolate And Oil?


What is CBD Distillate, this mysterious yet widely recognized concentrate? Eponymously named after the production process, you’ve probably heard about it, perhaps because CBD distillate is one of the strongest extracts available today. It boasts at one of the highest purity rates (second only to isolate) at 90 percent potency.  However, that doesn’t mean that […]

Interested in Winterizing Cannabis for CBD Oil? Here’s How


Ever wonder why some concentrates like distillate and shatter have a beautiful, clear amber colour? And why others, such as tinctures and budder, have a forest-green colour? The secret lies in a refinement process known as “winterization.” It doesn’t have anything to do with the winter, but extreme cold is definitely one of the primary […]