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Charlotte’s Web – A Story of Compassion and Triumph

charlotte's web

Not all proponents of medical marijuana are looking to get stoned off of their medicine; many patients prefer CBD in lieu of a psychoactive THC experience – and that’s where Charlotte’s Web shines.  Originally a controversial strain, Charlotte’s Web quickly became the face for the medical marijuana movement when it helped a young child overcome […]

The Cannatonic Strain: A Chronic Story


There are many strains with legendary names, but maybe none so accurate as Cannatonic. Perhaps this is because of how forgiving the effects of this strain are. It’s safe to say that Cannatonic is one of the best for beginners or anyone who doesn’t want an intense high sensation from their session. If you’re new […]

These High CBD Strains Are Voted The Best


You may have heard about the enormous therapeutic benefits that CBD poses for a range of ailments. But are the stories true?  If you’re unsure of the evidence, the resounding scientific consensus is that yes, cannabis, and high CBD strains in particular, can provide relief from anxiety, depression, chronic pain and inflammatory diseases like arthritis. […]