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cbd hash

These days, in the world of medical marijuana, CBD popularity is rising drastically, with CBD hash being just one example of the increasing number of popular products available today. 

More and more items are continuing to break out onto the market, from CBD hash to vape juices to CBD edibles.

While products like vape juices and CBD gummies have gained their fair share of popularity and usage, there is one product, in particular, is significantly growing in popularity — CBD hash. 

CBD hash is a potent, non-psychoactive cannabis extract that cannabis users opt for as an alternative to regular hash for its vast medicinal benefits and effects.

Today, we will explore CBD hash, how you can make it at home, and provide information to help determine whether it is right for you.

What is CBD Hash?

CBD hash, also known as CBD hashish, is a cannabis extract consisting of the resin from cannabis plants.

So, what is resin?


If you look at the cannabis plant, you will notice that it is covered with tiny little hairs that create a crystal-like sheen. These tiny hairs are called trichomes. 

What holds them together is resin.

Think of a resin as the mix of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids contained in the trichomes.

What’s more, the resin also acts as a defence mechanism for the plant, helping it stay alive by protecting the plant from overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays and keeping it moisturized, so the plant doesn’t dry out and can successfully reproduce.

Now that you know what resin is, let’s learn how to make CBD hash from resin.

How to Make CBD Hash

Making CBD hash is relatively similar to making regular hashish.

The process of extraction removes trichomes from plant matter and then compresses those trichomes to create the hash.

What’s important here is the strain and plant you choose.

High CBD strain is the best for creating CBD hash. However, it also means that you might get other cannabinoids such as THC in the mix, which may cause you to experience a mild high.

If you want to medicate without cannabis’ mind-altering effects, you might want to involve the hemp plant in the process. 

The hemp plant is known to contain very little to no THC and is excellent for patients with certain medical conditions or those wishing to avoid THC.

Here’s how to make hash using just your two hands:

Hand Rubbed CBD Hash

Hand-rubbed or hand-rolled hash is one of the easiest methods for making hash at home.

All you need to make this type of CBD hash is your hands, high CBD cannabis flower or industrial hemp and some patience.

cbd hash how to make

There is no specific amount of flower required to make hashish this way, but we recommend to take more to collect more hash. 

You can never have too much CBD hash, right?

Start by rubbing the dry cannabis between your hands. The resin glands will stick to your hands, forming a noticeable black layer of residue.

Once you have enough material in your hands, collect the material and roll it into a ball of hashish.

And it’s done. You made your first potent and tasty cannabis extract from the comfort of your own home.

How to Use CBD Hash

cbd hash how to use

You can use CBD hash in several ways. Below are some of the most popular methods you can use to medicate with hash:


For vaping hash, you’ll need a vaporizer that can vaporize raw flower.

Simply crumble your hash into small pieces, put it into vaporizers, turn it on and begin vaping.

Keep in mind that hash combusts at 210–220ºC, so it’s best to keep your hashish under these temperatures. 190ºC is the ideal temperature for vaping hash.


You can also smoke your cannabis concentrate in a bowl, joint or bong. Add a sprinkle of hash to high CBD flower and enjoy the benefits.

If smoking or vaping CBD hash is not your cup of tea, you may also choose to cook with CBD hash.


Before cooking with CBD hash, you will first need to decarboxylate it.

Place your hash in an oven and cook it at 230-240° F for 30-40 minutes to activate the cannabinoids. Once decarboxylation is done, you can add the CBD hash to various meals.

Pro tip: Hash pairs best with meaty sauces, chocolate, and caramel. 

Bon appetit! 

CBD Hash – A Potent Concentrate

CBD hash is a potent concentrate that offers a unique taste and versatility concerning the various ways you can use it.  

It’s a pure product that can give you the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant without altering your mind. When delivered from hemp, this concentrate contains very little to no THC, which is not enough to cause a ‘high.’

Yet, if you don’t mind a minor elevation and cannabinoids like THC in the mix, you can use hash made from high CBD cannabis flower.

If you’re a CBD enthusiast and want to make your own CBD hash, make sure to purchase CBD flower from a reputable, licensed dispensary to ensure the highest quality.

Happy medicating!

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