Charlotte’s Web – A Story of Compassion and Triumph

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Not all proponents of medical marijuana are looking to get stoned off of their medicine; many patients prefer CBD in lieu of a psychoactive THC experience – and that’s where Charlotte’s Web shines. 

Originally a controversial strain, Charlotte’s Web quickly became the face for the medical marijuana movement when it helped a young child overcome her epileptic seizures that were incurable through other conventional medicines and methods. 

What is the Charlotte’s Web strain and why is it synonymous with the medical marijuana movement? 

Let’s find out. 

The Origins of Charlotte’s Web

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The story begins with Charlotte Figi, a young girl who, at the time, suffered from intense epileptic seizures brought on by Dravet syndrome. By the age of 3, Charlotte experienced a low quality of life due to her seizures debilitating nature and routinely suffered from 300 seizures a week despite continuing constant medical treatment. 

Her parents, desperate to save their daughter and provide her with an improved quality of life, had heard of another child suffering from Dravet Syndrome who started to improve after being given medical marijuana. With nothing else to lose, Charlotte’s parents took the plunge and decided to try the treatment themselves.

Almost immediately, Charlotte’s parents and the medical team had noticed improvements. The strain they had given her was only high in CBD but still had some THC within. As they began to ran out, Charlotte’s parents contacted the Stanley brothers, a family of cannabis pioneers, to endear them for more supply. 

Tasked with the challenge of creating medical marijuana for Charlotte’s seizures, the Stanley brothers were able to develop a strain that featured high amounts of CBD and virtually no THC at all. 

After that, Charlotte’s story reached global levels as new light was beginning to be shed on the merits of marijuana for medical applications. Physicians around the United States began to decry the federal status of marijuana has a Class 1 Narcotic and began to champion the substance as a possible cure for a variety of ailments including but not limited to the seizures that Charlotte was suffering from. 

Since then, the Charlotte’s Web strain has helped thousands of medical marijuana patients with seizures and arguably, led the push for a world-wide de-stigmatization for the use of medical marijuana. 

Charlotte’s Web – Does it Induce a High?

Featuring a THC content that’s less than 1%, it’s hard to imagine Charlotte’s Web getting anyone, even the most novice of smokers, high. Charlotte’s Web is crossbred with hemp, the cannabis plant’s non-psychoactive cousin that’s known for its versatility in textiles, clothing and industrial applications and its non-existent THC levels. 

Charlotte’s Web will definitely not get anyone high as the CBD within this strain completely eclipses that of regular cannabis strains. 

Is Charlotte’s Web CBD Good for anxiety?

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High in CBD, Charlotte’s Web is ideal in treating anxiety, epilepsy and a host of other ailments. CBD levels within Charlotte’s Web come in at 12-13% which makes it an extremely effective strain for calming the nerves. 

THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, is only present in trace amounts. THC is known to induce feelings of anxiety, paranoia and panic in those who are unaccustomed to its effects and within the Charlotte’s Web strain, it’s only present in amounts of less than 1%. 

Does Charlotte’s Web Have Any Side Effects?

As with any substance, it’s best to consult a doctor before use. When it comes to cannabis, everybody’s physiology, tolerance levels and experience will differ. 

If you’re smoking Charlotte’s Web, the typical symptoms of dry mouth, irritated lungs and occasional red-eyes may occur but definitely not to the extent of THC-dominant strains. 

Concluding Thoughts on Charlotte’s Web Strain Review

Arguably, Charlotte’s Web is the definitive strain that helped get medical marijuana and its usage to where it is today. Without the story of Charlotte Figi and her parents, medical marijuana and the stigma towards cannabis use may very well have remained stagnated. Today, CBD is not just being advocated for in medical applications for humans, but pets such as cats and dogs as well.

CBD doesn’t only treat epilepsy, it’s been reported to help with inflammation, pain and anxiety. The next time you’re feeling down and want to buy weed online, reach for a high CBD strain instead of a high THC one – you might be all the better for it. 

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