Guide to the Mango Haze Strain

There’s almost a limitless variety of strains for weed. So many, in fact, that it can be pretty hard to make a decision solely based on what you see available at an online dispensary Canada. So many that the Svalbard Seed Vault, a doomsday vault designed to protect the biodiversity of the planet in case of disaster, has over 21,500 seeds belonging to the cannabis genus. 

With so much choice and variety out there, the best way to know which strain will give you the best medicinal or recreational value is to do a bit of research first before you buy weed online.

That’s why we’re here. We’re providing you with all the information that you need about different strains of marijuana. One of the more popular strains of weed is known as Mango Haze – a sativa-dominant strain named after its powerful mango scent.

This article will outline some of the effects you can expect to experience if you’re using Mango Haze, as well as providing you with some information about how the strain came to be.

About Mango Haze

mango haze strain guide

Mango Haze is a strain that was bred by “Mr. Nice Seeds,“ the same cultivators who’re known for creating the equally famous “Super Silver Haze” strain. This Netherlands-based cannabis breeder are also known for producing legendary strains like Northern Lights #5 and Skunk. In fact, some of the most popular strains that Mr. Nice Seedbank is known for producing were used in the production of Mango Haze.

Mango Haze is a cross between Northern Lights #5, Haze, and Skunk. The mixture of different genetics has led to a strain that is unique in comparison to any of its ancestors. Its strong fruity aroma is one such difference, but there are also changes in the makeup of its cannabinoid profile and its physical appearance.

Mango Haze Appearance and Characteristics

cbd mango haze strain guide

As mentioned, Mango Haze has a very distinct mango aroma that sets it apart from other cannabis strains.

The buds of the Mango Haze plant are generally long, and can look a bit like large pinecones. The leaves themselves are similar to those of many other sativas: they come loose and can easily be removed from the rest of the plant, making for easy processing.

The leaves are generally soft and bright. They are interspersed with yellow and orange pistils, and colourful trichomes can be found all over the leaves. Processing and working with Mango Haze can lead you to making some fantastic finger hash.

Mango Haze Effects

Mango Haze is known for providing THC content of up to 23%, depending on where you buy it. Other strains of Mango Haze have been measured to contain between 9-19%. There is also a CBD-based strain of Mango Haze which provides a much higher ratio of CBD to THC.

Because of Mango Haze’s high THC content, you can expect a full THC-based marijuana experience.  For those who are accustomed to and enjoy the effects of CBD, you can expect a blissful, energetic and uplifting experience that will carry you for quite a long time.

User reports have suggested that Mango Haze is particularly good for inspiring creativity. Many have said that they experienced clarity of thought and find that it’s easy to become motivated and to accomplish tasks using Mango Haze.

As a high-THC sativa, Mango Haze tends not to have much of a sedative effect. The body high itself can be relaxing, but it generally won’t make you want to lie down. This makes Mango Haze a particularly ideal strain for people who are going to be smoking during the day.

Many people have reported that the Mango Haze effects take a few minutes to creep in. This means that you might want to wait a few minutes before taking another hit if you don’t feel it right away.

Mango Haze Medicinal Uses

mango haze cbd strain

Medicinal marijuana has been used for many years for a wide variety of different purposes, especially among older patients. It wasn’t until recently that people began turning to CBD-based weed for medicinal value, which means that you can expect Mango Haze to provide you with many of the same medicinal benefits that people have used weed for for years.

Mango Haze is especially useful for treating:

  • Chronic pain issues like arthritis or muscle pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Some psychological issues like depression
  • Anxiety (in people who are not sensitive to THC and who don’t find that THC causes anxiety)
  • Appetite loss and weight issues
  • Muscle spasms and PTSD

It’s important to remember that some people are sensitive to THC and don’t enjoy its effects. People who prefer to use a CBD-based marijuana should look for a strain with a better ratio of THC to CBD. 

There is a strain of CBD Mango Haze that can be useful for people who prefer CBD. However, even this strain is still fairly rich in THC. While Mango Haze is often considered a phenomenal strain for most marijuana smokers, THC-sensitive individuals may want to look elsewhere.


Whether you’re looking for a creative yet invigorating mid-day pickup or something to take the edge off chronic aches and pains, Mango Haze is a safe and tasty choice. 

With a reasonably high THC limit and a CBD-dominant option, medical and recreational patients alike can enjoy the sweet and tropical taste of Mango haze. 

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