The best way to store CBD products?

How to Store CBD Products Safely 


Many people (perhaps you included) have heard and even used the word CBD without knowing that it is the abridged form for cannabidiol.

Unbeknownst to many, CBD oil products and tinctures do expire and spoil. Depending on the ingredients and additives included in the product, this could mean that it’s no longer safe for consumption and/or that it’s no longer as potent as it once was.

How to store CBD? Typically CBD oil products last anywhere between 12 to 24 months, but that’s only if you follow the proper storage protocols. Storing your CBD properly can help to ensure that your oil retains its quality and integrity by preventing the degradation of cannabinoids, terpenes and other organic compounds found in the oil. Storing your CBD products correctly ensures that they’ll be good to go whenever you need it.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re storing any CBD oil product so be sure to read on as we break down how you can store your oils and tinctures to maximize its shelf life and how to identify whether or not your CBD products have gone bad!

CBD Oil Products Shelf Life

Although the typical shelf life of CBD can vary from 12 to 24 months, it can also be affected by a number of factors. 

The most common elements that can influence the shelf life of your CBD are:

  • Temperature. CBD oil does not fare well in hot places – make sure to keep it in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.
  • Light exposure. CBD, like many other natural health products, tends to degrade and become less effective when it’s left in direct sunlight. This is one of the main reasons that CBD oils are generally sold in dark, opaque bottles: it helps to prevent the oil from being damaged by sunlight.
  • Oxygen exposure. Oxygen can lead to oxidation and can break down the compounds found in your CBD, which can lower the overall shelf life. Make sure to keep your CBD in an airtight container.

While CBD does do best in cool environments, it doesn’t generally need to be put in the refrigerator – unless you live in a very hot location, in which case, this would be a good idea.

How to Tell if Your CBD Product is Spoiled?

CBD oil, like other natural health products, can go bad. One of the easiest ways to tell is to look for separation of the product. If your CBD product’s contents are stratified, then it’s time to throw them out.

However the above only applies to liquid CBD products such as oils and tinctures. For products like edibles and capsules; the process is a bit more difficult. 

No matter the product, one of the most important things to look out for when purchasing a CBD product is to make sure the product isn’t already approaching its expiry date. In most cases, CBD will be used up before its expiry date. However, if you purchase a product that is already nearing expiry, you may end up with a product that only lasts you a month or two!

Here are some tips on how to tell if your CBD oil is going bad.




Visually, CBD oil that has gone bad will show separation of its contents. A lighter appearing liquid will usually be sitting on top of a darker coloured liquid If you’re familiar with the pleasantly herbaceous smell of regular CBD oil, then you would know right away whether or not your product is still good to go or not. Spoiled CBD oil smells awful. 


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CBD Edibles

A majority of CBD edibles will either use CBD oil or CBD distillate in their production, but what’s more important to watch out for is the shelf life of the other sugary ingredients. It can be difficult to tell whether or not a CBD edible or capsule has gone bad – if they start to smell off or start to “sugar up” then its best to toss them out. 

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CBD E-juice

The majority of CBD vape juice products will have an expiry date which should be adhered to. Generally, CBD vape juice stored away from heat, light and extreme temperature fluctuations should last about a year.

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CBD Distillate

There are different forms of concentrates that will expire at different rates. The different extraction methods will influence the compounds found in the final extract. Generally, when a concentrate ‘expires,’ it becomes ‘sugary’ as the terpenes degrade.

CBD Flower

CBD-rich bud should be stored in airtight containers, away from heat and sunlight. Kept away from moisture, CBD flower should keep well for at least 6 months up to a year. If your bud comes into contact with moisture, it may develop visible mold growth which can range in color from dark green to light grey at which point it should be disposed of. 

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals aren’t meant for consumption. It’s best to try to use them within the average 1-year expiry date of CBD oil. As always, look for an expiry date.

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Final Thoughts: Keeping CBD Shelf Stable

Fortunately, most CBD products get used up before they expire. However, it’s important to learn the basics of how to store CBD oil to ensure that you don’t speed up the expiration process. Keep your CBD products away from heat, light, and oxygen, and they should last you at least a year.

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