Moon Rocks – Lunar Delicacies

moon rocks

Moon rocks aren’t sourced from the moon, but you might feel like you’re in space after smoking one! 

You might have heard of them before in some smoking circles but chances are, you have yet to try this out-of-this-world cannabis concentrate. 

Let’s blast off into space and explore why you should exercise caution when exploring this lunar delicacy. 

What are Moon Rocks?


Imagine taking a regular nug of bud, submerging it in some potent hash oil and then rolled around in kief. 

That’s what moon rocks are. A superpowered cannabis experience that takes regular bud to the next level. They’re sticky, dusty and tend to be a lot more dense than regular nuggets of bud due to the copious amounts of hash oil and kief that they typically have. 

One thing to keep in mind is that these nugs aren’t just submerged once – they’re usually dunked twice or even three times to generously coat the outside in layers of hash oil before they’re covered in kief. 

While they’re named after their resemblance to the dusty rocks found on the moon, we like to think that they’re named for the out-of-this-world experience they can provide to its users. 

How strong is a moon rock? If you’re smoking moon rocks, it’ll be egregious to even consider them to be on the same level as regular bud – it’s best to think of them as another concentrate similar to shatter, budders and waxes. The next time you buy weed online at an online dispensary Canada, don’t be surprised to see moon rocks shown side by side next to other concentrates! 

The Origins of Moon Rocks

Although the exact origins of Moon Rocks is highly contested, many believe that west coast hip-hop artists Dr. Zodiak came up with the concentrate when he started his cannabis business. 

Since its original inception, there have been many replications and imitations of this sticky, kief covered concentrate, all with varying degrees of ownership. 

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

moonrocks guide

If you’re thinking of grinding your moon rocks to roll them up in a joint, stop right there! Grinding moon rocks will not only ruin your grinder, but it will ruin your moon rocks as well. The hash oil within will gum up your grinder and it’ll also shake off the majority of the kief that’s on the surface of the moon rocks.

Here’s how you can properly smoke moon rocks.

Pipe and/or Bongs

Moon rocks are designed to be used in pipes and bongs. They can be broken up into smaller pieces with your hands and fit easily into the bowl of a pipe and/or bong. 


Although we don’t recommend it, you could still take a few extra steps to include moon rocks in a joint. Instead of grinding it up, you can break it up into smaller pieces with your hands and place a few chunks on top of a bed of regular flower in a joint.

Placing it on top of regular flower will ensure that your joint has the structural integrity to stay intact, as the moon rocks themselves will be chunky and not lend itself to any 

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks

Want to make your own moon rocks? You might be surprised to learn that it’s actually ridiculously easy to do. 

What you’ll need

  • Flower of your choosing
  • Hash oil and or honey oil of your choice
  • Kief
  • Tongs 

Step 1

Begin by taking a nug of your choice (the bigger and denser the better) and submerge or cover it in your hash oil. For our purposes, we used a narrow cup and poured enough oil to completely submerge the entire nug. You might find it easier to pour it onto a shallow plate and rolling the nug around in the oil instead of submersion. 

If your oil is viscous, you can try warming it up by submerging the container in some warm water. This will make it runnier and easier to coat the bud. You can use tongs, fork or even chopsticks to better handle the bud during this step. 

Step 2 (Optional)

You could stop here and proceed to the kief step, but the original moon rock recipe asks for multiple layers of hash oil. If you want to stay true to the original, then you’d have to wait for this initial layer of hash oil to set in before you repeat the process 2 or 3 more times. 

If you want to take it a step further, you could even use a baste syringe or injector to put some of the hash oil into the core of the nug to ensure full coverage. 

Step 3

Now that your nugs are completely covered in hash oil, you can begin applying your kief. 

Pour out your kief onto a plate or some waxed paper and using your tongs, roll your hash-oil covered nugs around until it’s completely coated. Once coated, put your moon rocks in a cool, dry place to properly settle. 

Voila! If you followed all 3 of these easy steps correctly, you should now have some sticky, potent moon rocks ready to be enjoyed! 

Final Thoughts

Cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts are perhaps one of the most innovative communities in the world. 3 simple steps is all it takes to elevate a once humble nugget of marijuana into a concentrate and kief packed powerhouse.

If you were unsure of what moon rocks are or were hesitant to try them out yourself, we hope this article has convinced you otherwise! 

Happy trails! 

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