Myrcene in CBD – Understanding Cannabinoids


Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis. You can encounter it in abundance in many high-CBD strains such as Remedy, Harlequin and Campfire.

So, why is it so common?

Myrcene is what composes up to 50% of the total terpene content found in individual strains. It is one of the ten primary terpenes and also an essential precursor to forming other secondary terpenes.

Myrcene also has a vast amount of medical benefits, including analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why people use it to treat various ailments.

That said, if you want to learn more about myrcene, the potential benefits of consuming it and where and how to find it, keep on reading!

What are Terpenes?

what are terpenes

Before we get into what myrcene is, it’s essential to be familiar with what terpenes are. After all, myrcene is a terpene.

For a start, there are more than 20,000 varieties of terpenes existing through nature.  From plants to herbs, you can spot terpenes in a variety of organisms, including cannabis plants.

Terpenes are the essential oils of cannabis. They are what differentiate strains from each other.

Remember that citrusy vape cartridge or that delicious pine smell from your weed? Those were terpenes.

Interestingly, the development of terpenes began for adaptive purposes. The cannabis plant produces terpenes as a defence mechanism to protect itself from predators and to lure pollinators.

Terpenes can be found in the crystal-like, sticky, resinous glands of the cannabis plant known as trichomes. That said, almost everything can be found in trichomes, including not only terpenes but also cannabinoids such as THC and CBD and flavonoids

Handy, right?

Now that you know what terpenes are let’s move onto what myrcene is.

What is Myrcene?

Myrcene, sometimes denoted as β-Myrcene or beta myrcene, is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis. A study conducted in Switzerland has found that myrcene may constitute up to 50% of an individual cannabis plant’s terpene volume.

That said, if you pick a random flower product off of a shelf in a dispensary, chances are, it will have myrcene in it.

You may recognize myrcene for its earthy, spicy and clove fragrance in strains of cannabis.

When smoking weed strains high in myrcene, you may also experience the entourage effect, which occurs when terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids to produce more potent effects and magnify therapeutic benefits.

What are the Effects & Benefits of Myrcene?

Myrcene is believed to have sedative effects in addition to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Sedative Effects

myrcene effects

Doctors recommend using myrcene as a sleep aid. It is known to help people fall asleep as well as relax muscles.

For instance, in Mexico, myrcene-rich lemongrass tea is used to treat mental disorders and help with insomnia. In Germany, people also use myrcene-rich hops as a sleep aid.

A study published in 2002 in the Journal of Phytomedicine proves that myrcene may have a sedative effect in mice when administered in high doses.


A 2015 study found that myrcene had potential effects on osteoarthritis. The study posited that myrcene had an anti-inflammatory influence on the cells.

What’s more, it was also found that the terpene could slow down cartilage destruction and osteoarthritis progression.

More research is needed to prove myrcene’s potential anti-inflammatory effects, yet the current evidence is promising that someday people may be using myrcene to combat osteoarthritis.


Another research study also found myrcene to have antioxidant properties. The study reported that myrcene, along with other terpenes such as linalool and eucalyptol, protects against oxidant-induced genotoxicity.

In addition to its sedative, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, myrcene is also believed to have anti-anxiety and anti-tumour properties.

If you want to experience some of these benefits for yourself, here is where to find this unique terpene.

Myrcene in Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains high in myrcene include:

You can find myrcene in both THC and CBD strains.


If you are looking for a non-psychoactive experience or mellow high, consider using strains such as  Remedy, Harlequin and Cannatonic. These cannabis strains are known to have low THC content and high CBD content.

As you probably already know, THC is what makes cannabis psychoactive, so if you are looking to avoid getting high, opt for strains with low THC levels.

Remedy, Harlequin and Cannatonic would be a perfect start. They have a well-defined balance of CBD and THC, making them the ideal choice to obtain myrcene, experience an entourage effect and reap all the benefits without mind-altering effects.

That said, the myrcene terpene will not get you high on its own. However, when consumed in high THC strains and high doses, myrcene helps cannabinoids absorb into the blood-brain barrier, making the highs more powerful and the effects more fast-acting.

Myrcene – Sedative & Relaxing

Myrcene is a common terpene that can be found in many cannabis strains.

It has great potential in treating conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and inflammation. Patients can use myrcene to fall asleep and unwind after a stressful day, as well as to experience the “couch-lock” effect.

If you want to try myrcene and experience the benefits, try strains such as Remedy, Harlequin and Cannatonic. These high myrcene strains provide therapeutic benefits without potent highs and are great for novice smokers and those who want to avoid mind-altering effects.

The importance of cannabis terpenes is just beginning to become widely appreciated. Hopefully, we may soon see more research emerging on these crucial compounds.

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